LBK Management Services

Due Diligence


The basis for a successful acquisition begins with the due diligence process.

In this arena, LBK assists our clients with in-depth scrutiny of historical financial information, evaluation of market comparables, initial inspection, and preliminary budgeting for the targeted acquisition. The process includes an analysis of possible capital expenditures needed to stabilize or enhance the value of the prospective property over the client's desired holding period. Once the property is under contract, the LBK staff engages in a comprehensive site review of the property, including unit walks, work order and lease file review, delinquency analysis, as well as other targeted areas of interest in order to validate our analysis.

Property Management

Door Knock

LBK has chosen to provide management services exclusively to the apartment industry.

Our focus is to maximize the performance of each asset by ensuring that the highest level of human resources is assembled in a team to achieve the desired result. With regional offices strategically located on the east and west coasts, LBK constantly maintains a vigil of monitoring and inspecting both the physical and financial success of your assets. The property accounting is centralized in our corporate offices in order to maintain accountability and control over the financial processes employed in operating the properties. Our systems and processes have consistently received favorable opinions from several nationally recognized audit firms.

Ultimate success rests with the team selected to mange each property.

This team is thoroughly trained, motivated, and monitored in accordance with the strategic plan developed in cooperation with LBK and the owner. The monthly reporting is designed to keep the investor apprised of ongoing operations and performance against budget, and thus allows open communication between LBK and the owner to address potential challenges facing the asset, and discuss any altering of strategy that may need to occur. Quarterly meetings are scheduled between LBK and the owner in order to assure communication is clear and concise and to encourage the team concept in operations. This structure and degree of interface is a proven formula for success.

Construction Management/Rehab


Over the past several years, the LBK staff and its consultants have managed millions of dollars of construction and rehab projects across the country.

These projects range in complexity from simply protecting the physical integrity of the assets through such measures as roof and siding replacement, to the repositioning of assets by incorporating major changes to the physical plant of selected properties.

These projects have been well conceived, delivered on time, and completed within budget parameters.

These projects have proven very successful in enhancing asset value. Accomplishments in this area are achieved through careful planning, the utilization of proven national contractors, and tight supervision of each project. Our team has provided substantial enhancements in value to the assets of our clients, which serves as a testament of the expertise, imagination, and capability brought to bear to the properties of our clients. Contact us for more information.